A young sailor, fresh out of boot camp, was on his first tour at sea. The first night out he dropped his soap in the shower. His Chief was in the shower too and told him to pick up the soap. The squid said, “Oh no you don’t, Chief. My Dad was in the Navy and he warned me about picking up soap in the shower.” The Chief said, “Sailor, I told you to pick up the soap!” The squid still refused. The Chief said, “If you don’t pick up the soap, I’m going to put you on wheel polishing detail for a week.” The squid asked, “Polishing what wheels?” The Chief said, “The wheels on this ship.” The squid said, “I didn’t see any wheels on this ship.” The Chief said, “Well they’re right out side that porthole.” The squid stuck his head out the port hole, looked around and said, “I still don’t see any wheEEEEELS!!!”