Crypto Mining in US: Noise Pollution Could Halt Mining Boom

• The article discusses a family in Arkansas who live near a crypto mining facility and the noise pollution it causes.
• Richard Neitzel, professor in environmental health sciences and global public health at the University of Michigan suggests that noise pollution can have serious health impacts.
• The locals have come up with a plan to reshape the cryptocurrency industry in the US to reclaim their peace.

Noise Pollution from Crypto Mining Site

Gladys Nicole Anderson and her family live half a mile from a crypto mining facility in Bono, Arkansas. After Arkansas state passed the crypto mining-friendly legislation earlier this year, locals were powerless against loud cryptocurrency miners which produce non-stop noise ranging around 70 decibels. Often, at night, it sounds even louder resulting in loss of sleep for the family and forcing them to stay inside their house all day long. In addition to lack of sleep, Richard Neitzel suggests that noise pollution is linked to high blood pressure, heart attacks, mental health impacts, and cognition problems.

Cryptocurrency Mining Boom

Since China banned crypto mining sites in 2021, numerous cryptocurrency miners have transferred their operations to the United States where land and energy are relatively cheap. This has led to an increase of crypto mining facilities in states like Arkansas which is one of the ten lowest-price electricity states . In early May 2023 , cryptocurrency mining firm Green Digital LLC opened its cryptocurrency mining site around Bono which has been running for nearly 120 consecutive days since then producing constant hums of 70 decibels .

Locals’ Plan

The locals are unable to reclaim their peace due to these loud noises created by cryptocurrencies miners so they’ve come up with a plan that could reshape the cryptocurrency mining industry in the United States .

Effects on Health

Unwanted loud continuous sound is considered as noise pollution which leads to various problems such as damaging our hearing , high blood pressure , heart attacks , mental health impacts , etc . According to professor Richard Neitzel these problems can even have catastrophic impacts making it necessary for local authorities to take steps towards reducing this noise pollution .


Residents living near crypto mining sites suffer from continuous humming sound produced by powerful fans installed for cooling down hardware machines used for crypto currency production . Locals have come up with plans that could potentially reshape cryptocurrency industry nationwide but until then residents will continue suffering from potential illnesses caused due to excessive exposure of this sound emission .