Curve Finance Recoups 73% of Stolen Funds: White Hats Save the Day

• Curve Finance recently reported recouping 73% of the stolen funds from its reentrancy vulnerability exploit.
• White hat hackers and voluntary returns were instrumental in the recovery efforts.
• While a majority of the funds have been recovered, $18 million remain unaccounted for.

Exploit on Curve Finance

Curve Finance recently experienced a reentrancy vulnerability exploit, resulting in over $70 million in digital assets stolen from the protocol. Despite this, the decentralized exchange has reported that 73% of the stolen funds have been recouped from various parties.

White Hat Hackers

White hat hackers played an important role in recovering some of these funds. After monitoring notes of the hacker of AlchemixFi, PeckShieldAlert disclosed that $22 million had been returned to Curve and Alchemix’s Operation White Hat was able to recover a further $13 million. “c0ffeebabe.eth” also managed to retrieve $7 million of stolen funds as well as $1.6 million in synthetic protocol Metronome and $5.3 million in Curve trading pool assets back into circulation.

Voluntary Returns

In addition to these recoveries, another hacker known as Jpegd frontrunner voluntarily returned 90% or 5,495 WETH (equaling $11.5 million) following a grace period set by Curve for their return deadline which was August 6th . However, despite this , there is still over $18 million missing from the original theft that hasn’t yet been accounted for .

How Can Crypto Users Protect Themselves?

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