Hip-Hop Icons Go Live in the Metaverse for 50th Birthday Bash

• Havoc, Saigon and Jahlil Beats will be performing live on M.Verse in celebration of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary.
• The all-access NFT pass costs $50 and is minted on Polygon (MATIC).
• The event aims to spread the rebellious and free spirit of hip-hop culture and align it with blockchain technology.

Hip-Hop’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

The alternative society art movement of hip-hop culture began with a house party in The Bronx, New York on August 11th, 1973. To celebrate its 50th Anniversary, M.Verse has launched a series featuring 50 artists including Havoc, Saigon, and Jahlil Beats who will be the first to perform live in the metaverse.

Accessing the Metaverse Experience

To access this musical metaverse experience, fans can purchase an all-access NFT pass for $50 which is minted on Polygon (MATIC). This ticket includes access to the Hip-Hop Museum as well as participation in the song making process and current airdrops. It also gives access to attendee-only NFT drops.

Havoc and Saigon Teaming Up

Famous East Coast producer Havoc had a long standing feud with Brooklyn rapper Saigon throughout the early 2000s but they have recently settled their differences by creating a song together produced by Jahlil Beats to set an example for others in the community.

Countdown Clock

The countdown clock is ticking away with four months left until hip hop’s 50th Anniversary; 13 hours until the first performance begins!

Aligning Hip Hop With Blockchain Technology

The rebellious and free spirit of hip hop culture aligns perfectly with blockchain technology innovations that are now available through Web3 initiatives like M. Verse. Fans can join in celebrating this historic occasion while experiencing what pioneering music looks like in the metaverse!