NFTs in a Bear Market: Managing Sales with Bad Grrls Creative Club, BeetsDAO, and Cymbal

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Crypto markets have been in a bear market for some time now and the effects have been felt on the NFT market as well. As such, a new roadmap for new NFT collections has been in the works. To discuss this new landscape, Toni Thai Sterrett of Bad Grrls Creative Club, Jordan Garbis of BeetsDAO, and Eric Feng of NFT block explorer joined Decrypt’s Kate Irwin at Camp Decrypt Napa.

The conversation began with Thai Sterrett discussing how her team at Bad Grrls Creative Club was able to successfully launch their NFTs during a bear market. She noted that they were able to do so as they had a strong community that was familiar with the project, and were excited to support it. This made it easier to build demand for the collection, which enabled them to have a successful launch.

Garbis then highlighted how BeetsDAO has been able to manage the NFT market in a bear market. He discussed how their platform has allowed them to stay ahead of the curve, as they are able to leverage the power of the Ethereum network to stay one step ahead of the market. Garbis also noted that their platform has allowed them to create a more streamlined process for managing NFT sales.

Finally, Feng discussed how the NFT block explorer has been able to keep up with the market. He noted that the block explorer has been able to provide the necessary insights and analytics to help them make informed decisions regarding their NFT collections. This has allowed them to ensure that their NFTs are adequately priced and that they are able to take advantage of any potential opportunities.

The panel then went on to discuss other topics, such as the upcoming Crypties Awards 2022: Bored Ape Yacht Club. They discussed the importance of being able to market NFTs in a bear market, and how the awards could help to further increase the visibility of NFTs.

Overall, the panel provided a wealth of insight into the new landscape for NFT drops, and how crypto markets can be managed in bear markets. With the help of the panelists, Camp Decrypt Napa was able to provide an in-depth look into the new roadmap for NFT collections. With the help of this new roadmap, NFT collectors and community members can be confident that they are able to take advantage of the current market conditions and find success in their NFT collections.