Shop with Floki: AliExpress Now Accepts FLOKI Payments!

• AliExpress now accepts Floki as a payment method, which was made possible by plugin.
• Shoppers can get 10% cashback in’s native $SHOP token when paying with Floki.
• The inclusion of Floki on AliExpress proves that smaller-cap memecoins can have just as much utility as bigger market cap coins.

AliExpress Adds Support for FLOKI Payments

AliExpress has added support for Floki payments via the plugin, allowing shoppers to pay in cryptocurrency and receive 10% cashback in’s native $SHOP token.

How To Pay In FLOKI On AliExpress supports a variety of small-cap memecoins including Pepe (PEPE), Dino (DINO), Kishu Inu (KISHU), and more, though Dogecoin (DOGE) is not supported at this time.

To pay in Floki on AliExpress, users first select the payment option on the shopping cart page and then select their preferred coin from the list that appears.

Once complete, they will receive confirmation of their transaction and be eligible for 10% cashback in the form of tokens ($SHOP). These tokens can be used to cover expenses across all supported marketplaces online.

Floki’s China Push

The recently televised World Table Tennis Championships featuring a „Powered by Floki“ banner marked a major milestone for the memecoin, helping it gain more exposure among Chinese viewers.

Memecoins‘ Utility

< p >The ability to pay with Floki on AliExpress dispels notions that meme currencies lack utility compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum.< / p >< br/ >

< h2 >Conclusion < / h 2 >< br/ > < p >By adding support for small – cap memecoins like Pepe ( PEPE ), Dino ( DINO ), Kishu Inu ( KISHU ) , and several others , AliExpress proves that smaller – cap coins have just as much utility .< / p >< br/ >