Test Out Shibarium’s Revolutionary Cross-Chain Bridge Now!

• Shibarium Layer-2 mainnet is planned to be launched during the ETHToronto conference in mid August.
• Shiba Inu’s cross-chain bridge between Shibarium testnet and Ethereum is now operational and available for public testing.
• SHIB community members have successfully tested the bridge on Ethereum’s Goerli testnet, with successful token swaps from PuppyNet.

Shibarium Beta Bridge Out for Testing

Shiba Inu’s highly-anticipated cross-chain bridge between Shibarium testnet and Ethereum is now fully operational and publicly available. This revolutionary tool allows holders of Shiba Inu tokens to easily swap between ETH & Shibarium without having to use their real coins.

Testing Phase

The popular crypto influencer Lucie has warned the SHIB Army to verify the link before linking the wallet in order to avoid any phishing scams that are currently on rise. Several SHIB Army members have reported successful tests from Ethereum’s Goerli testnet to PuppyNet, making it possible for users to switch back and forth with ease as well as burning tokens on the Shibarium network while replenishing balances on Ethereum through a similar method used in Shibburn UI on Shibarium.

Mainnet Launch

This publicly available beta version of the bridge serves as a prelude for its estimated launch in mid August during ETHToronto conference. The community can access it through beta.shibariumtech.com using browser wallets such as MetaMask or WalletConnect, which will also help keep track of transactions made during testing phase.


It’s important for Shiba Inu community members to exercise caution when connecting their wallet as this version only runs through testnets and not real assets, meaning that no actual money will be exchanged or swapped in this phase of testing phase.


With its estimated launch set for mid August, the upcoming launch of Shibarum Layer-2 mainnet alongside its revolutionary cross chain bridge will bring great changes into Shiba Inu ecosystem by allowing users more freedom when it comes to exchanging ETH & SHIB tokens without having any risk involved whatsoever as all transactions occur within testnets only.